Saturday, August 18, 2007


Hello all. Today i officially start on the Frankenstein graphic novel. It's a very different job than i'm used to working on. Normally, on any other job, i do extremely rough layouts. They're almost abstract, but i understand what's going on with them, so that's all that matters. Then i do my pencils and inks, scan, letter and then i'm done. With Frankenstein, i have to do more finished layouts, then wait for approval from my art director, Mr. Jon Haward, do pencils after feedback is gotten on the layouts, then send off the pancils and do inks when i've gotten feedback on the pencils. So, it's a slower process in a way, but as long as i plan things out well enough, and am constantly working on an aspect of the art, i should have no problems.

May not have anything worth showing for the next few days as a lot of the work i'm doing at first is a lot of planning, layouts and working out what referance i'll need, etc. Ah, sure, i'll probably stick up the odd doodle.

Check out the Classical Comics website for the pages i did as a way of securing the project and of course, see all the other books they have coming out over the coming year.



Rich said...

Great pic Dec, is this going to be the cover?
Again congrats on getting this man, I am sooooo jealous.

Anonymous said...

i'll be lapping up every single detail of this monumentous undertaking,
where did you start with the visuals,ie have your referenced any of the films or previous adaptations?
mike mignola did a shit-hot set of trading cards years ago.
just stay the fuck away from 'van helsing' by steven sommers,lol.

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey Rich, cheers.
No it's not the cover, just a test piece i did a while ago that's being used promotionally for now.

Jamie, i actually didn't referance anything when starting. I didn't want to be influenced by anything too much, especially when designing the monster. Just worked on it til I, my art director, and my editor was happy with it.

Now that that's taken care of, i tracked down Kenneth Branagh's movie, just for locations and whatnot. Lookin for more stuff. I'd REALLY like to see those Mignola cards if you know where i could find some images. Been lookin for a copy of Bernie Wrightson's book too. Saw some of Frazer Irving's book, that's pretty sweet.

A mate of mine said to stay away from Van Helsing. In fact, he said "That movie sucked fuckin balls"