Monday, April 14, 2008


Just did some artwork for Tim Skinner, my next project with Hero Killers writer Andy Winter. He was looking for an image to be used to advertise the book at the upcoming Bristol Comic Expo. Since the book is a send up of loads of different comics, the flyer is in the very same vein. Does it look familiar? Remember this....?

Hope ye like. Incidentally, the interview today on Newstalk Radio went pretty smoothly even though there was no Bob Byrne to be seen or heard. The highpoint being the abusive text messages i was getting while on air. Thanks to Lorcan for getting them in touch with me.



jamie said...

yikes! it's the return of devil-child!
isn't it,top left hand corner?

Declan Shalvey said...

Well spotted Jamie. Other Moonface Press characters in there too.

luke f said...

and this is the same dec who scoffed at the marvel zombie covers at the con in november?Guffaw!
really liking that page though in all seriousness.especially the kind of rough sean phillips type inking style that suits your stuff down to the ground.
glad to hear the radio thing went well.
did you do that lettering at the top by hand?

Declan Shalvey said...

Oy! There's been 20-something Marvel Zombie covers using existing cover designs! This is an obvious parody! Big difference.

I'm gettin' a lot of Sean Phillips comparisons these days. I'm taking them as compliments of course, as i'm a big fan of his work, but i hope id doesn't look like i'm aping him or anything, that would suck.

Yeah i did the logo by hand actually. There'll be more letteing done on the final cover, but for the logo, it had to look like the old FF logo, so i drew it myself.


jamie said...

i think your style is more reminiscent of er,j alexander?
the guy who did the van helsing one-shot prior to the steven summers film coming out.
it was some great art,mind.
but you're definitely in a class all of your own,sir.

Declan Shalvey said...

do you mean Jason Shawn Alexander? The guy doin the Abe Sapirn stuff at the moment?

He's deadly, sound for the comparison, that cheered I'd right up!


Will Sliney said...

Im with Luke on this one man, you hated those covers

Anonymous said...

Hey Dec,

Featuring on live radio station eh ? You have arrived my friend, they must have known you had a face for radio !
Didn't see the blog in time to hear the radio interview but glad to hear it went well. If you recorded the interview stick it on the blog.
Your stuff is looking class, your style seems to be constantly evolving with your different projects & looks like you are developing your range to suit your particular project.
Thats enough ego-massaging for one post, Now put your knickers on & go & make me a cup of tea before you get back to tracing!


Unknown said...

Devilchild, Jacob Marley from Septic Isle, Bronze Eagle from Hero Killers and Ruby from Blood Psi. A very nice touch...

Declan Shalvey said...

Grrrr! Declan will DESTROY you Will (in Morbo voice).

Sean, email me at dshalv AT gmail DOT com. I'll be home next month, but i've lost my irish sim card, and therefore all my numbers. Cheers for the post. Suits you sir.

Glad you liked the added characters Andy, it was you i was aiming to please there...