Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hey all. Here follows info on this year's 2D Festival, but first, since this is an artblog (supposedly), here's the layouts i did for page 51 of Sweeney Todd.

Phew! Right, now that that's over with, i've just confirmed i'll be appearing at this year's 2D Festival in Derry, this coming June. I had an absolutely great time last year and I'm really looking forward to this years. The guests appearing so far (with more to be confirmed i believe) are...

David Lloyd
Liam Sharp
Mike Collins
David Hine
Garry Leach
Rufus Dayglo
D’ Israeli
Declan Shalvey (hey... that's me!)
Andie Tong
Staz Johnson
Phil Barrett
Bridgeen Gillespie

Unlike last year, i'm actually participating in a workshop. I believe it will be a Classical Comics orientated workshop with fellow CC veteran Mike Collins. There's plenty of information on the 2D Website, so give it a look.



Ciaran Lucas said...

Ace, definitely gonna head to that :D

Declan Shalvey said...

Nice one man! See yeh there. It'd be nice to meet yeh.