Monday, March 16, 2009


Here's the inks for page 52. The last post had my layouts for this. You can see how the actual composition of the finished page is nearly exactly as it is in the layouts. That's something i try make sure i do in order to keep the finished piece as spontaneous-looking as possible. Of course, the page will never be purely spontaneous as too much work goes into a page. First and foremost, you have to make sure the storytelling is clear, then try make the page visually interesting, make sure there's room for lettering, reference costumes and backgrounds, flesh everything out in pencil, establish a good and consistent light-source and then eventually ink the bloody thing. That's a lot of work in a page so it's very common for a lot of comic art to look overly laboured at times. I'm really hoping to have enough detail in my final pages yet keep them looking 'fresh' so sticking as close as possible to the original layout really helps me accomplish this. I think the somewhat more spontaneous way i've been inking of late helps too. Instead of doing really clean feathering (for example), i've tried to ramp up the atmosphere in pages by using a somewhat looser and instinctive inking approach.

I must admit, i'm particularly happy with how this page turned out. Hmmm. I'm starting to sound a bit full of myself. I'm sure i'll hate the page in a week. I usually do....



David Baillie said...

Smashing stuff Dec. Seriously impressed. And it's only five past ten in the morning.

So how many pages do you do a day?

Rich said...

You're flying ahead on this book man, it looks great. Have the guys started doing any colours yet? Really looking forward to seeing what they do with your pages.

Stephen Mooney said...

One've my favourites too Dec.
Yer alright, so ye are.

Declan Shalvey said...

Ah thanks guys.

Hey Dave; that's not much of a compliment when you're impressed by me speaking coherently! Still, thanks though. I pencil 2 pages in a day, then ink two the next day, so it averages out as a page a day.

Hey Rich, thanks man. Ah i'm only about a third of the way through it, so there's no point in starting on the colours yet; they'd soon catch up with me!

Thanks Moondog. Yes, i am alright, aren't i?

Anonymous said...

No wonder he looks pissed,some thoughtless person taped a a tea-bag to his face.

My crap joke aside,this is a really bitchin` page.

Michael Grant Clark said...

That's a fair speed you're getting on there, and the work is looking fresh and spanky (i think that means good).

I liked the Frankenstein you did, but this is so much bolder. More power to your nib, sir.

mmm, I'll try not to say that again to a chap.

Declan Shalvey said...

Cheers Luke, yeah that really was a crap joke.

Hey Micheal, thanks man. 'Spanky' is ...exactly what i was goin for. Seriously though, i have been putting a lot of work into these pages. Seems to be paying off.