Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Here's the inks for page 50. Quite happy with the end result here. You can see that i fixed all the stuff that i mentioned was wrong with the pencils in my last post.

I've been using a pen-nib tool for the last few months and got some really nice and loose lines with it on this page (see background characters). Feel like i'm finally getting the hang of it. I also got some nice variation of lines with my brush-pen. I found that when i started using the brush pen, i did a LOT of drybrush. A month or so back, i seemed to barely use any dry-brush and started inking a lot more slickly. Nice to be able to do, but i'm not really interested in slick inking ('slinking'...?). I want messy pages, with lots of texture, so i'm trying to balance the 'slick' with some very gestural lines, and some splatter here and there. It seems to be balancing well in this page, and with most of the pages i've done this week.

Hopefully you all agree.



Salvo said...

I love this page. The composite you're getting from using the different tools works really well. And you fixed the barber-pole-unicorn-man aberration! Great stuff.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Thats great stuff, with your gesturing lines and all. I'm liking the contast balance. This book's going to look pretty amazing.

I wish I could draw, I've been doing graphics for so long my drawings look like they've been done by a blind man with an inked carrot stapled to his elbow.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks a lot guys.

Dec :)