Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For who those who don't know, myself and some other Irish comic artists Stephen Thompson, Bob Byrne, Nick Roche, Will Sliney, PJ Holden and Stephen Mooney have set up a group sketch-blog.

Ages back, we all thought of doing a group sketchbook called Eclectic Micks (.....geddit?). A couple of pieces were done, but it seemed to fall by the wayside (i'm looking at YOU Mooney, Thompson, Roche....). Recent insanity has instead led us to start a sketch-blog. The blog is updated every day (seven days in a week, seven artists posting) with each artist posting an image on a certain day. I post on Tuesdays (today).

It should be a rule not to post a image on your own blog that's gonna be on the group one, but as an incentive to check it out, here's a few doodles i did to warm up for my weekly sketch.

We plan on doing some 'theme' sketches in the near future, and hopefully will get to do the pieces we originally planned on having in the original sketchbook.

So, check out the Eclectic Micks blog here. It's already got over a weeks worth of images, many much better than mine. But don't stop reading this blog... i can't stress that enough. Business will continue as usual here, at your most favourite blog ever.




David Ferguson said...

The gray shading reminds me of Quentin Blake who used illustrate Roald Dahl's childrens books.

finnegandraws said...

I checked out the site and I think its a great idea. Dude, your sketch of the Rocketeer is... I'm biting my lip here. The lads are right. It's the best of your sketches I've seen anyway. Keep it up! (God damn it!)

Stephen Mooney said...

You liar Dec. You think yer Rocketeer piece is the best one up there so far... and yer right goddammit!

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks a lot guys.

Heh; wow... Quentin Blake... i see what you mean David. The squiggily lines and tone of grey, yeah, yer right, it does look a bit like his stuff. I never would have thought that.

Ciarán, you sir, know how to compliment a guy. I can't take credit for the idea of a group blog, as that was Will's idea, but the genius of each artist posting on a specific day? Well that little brainstorm was all me.

Moondog, i don't lie, i just have a gift for fiction. Seriously though, i'm glad everyone likes it so much.


Anna Fitzpatrick said...

sweet! have it bookmarked, its cool to see all the Irish talent.