Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here's another recent page from Sweeney Todd. Normally i spread out posts to show the layouts, pencils and then inks, but not this time. Straight to the good stuff.

Unless ye do wanna see the layouts/ pencils, etc. Just ask and i shall comply.



Ciaran Lucas said...

Page looks great man. I love the effect around the candle, and the brushwork in general.

Michael Grant Clark said...

That's can't be Sweeny Todd. He looks nothing like Johnny Depp!

Seriously though, really solid work. I like the gritty brushwork, it's really bringing the panel to life.

You must be pretty constrained sometimes, because of the amount of space needed for text? More than a usual panel I imagine.

Lee Townsend said...

Nice page Declan, great inking efects.

jimbott said...

Hey Declan, Great work. I really like the inking on these sweeney todd pages.

Declan Shalvey said...

Sound Ciarán; yeah, the candle came out well. When you're messing around with various black and white inks like i did there, there's no guarantee it'll work. Thankfully in this case it did!

Cheers Lee; much appreciated as always!.

Hey Jimmy; thanks man. Glad the effort i'm putting in is showing. Really like your work by the way.

Michael; thanks again. Yeah, the story is pretty dense but it's been adapted well in script form, so that makes things easier for me. There can be small things here and there that can be difficult, with a few characters talking (and talking a lot!) that can be a challenge, but if i'm stuck i'll usually add a panel to give a certain line of dialogue more emphasis. Making sure i leave enough space for lettering is a big concern though, but that's addressed in the layout stage. I don't need to worry about that by the time i'm inking it.