Saturday, March 07, 2009


Here's two more drawings form the week's life drawing class. These two were from near the end of the class. They were longer poses, but because of where i sat there was less information to draw (first pose is mostly her back, second pose was mostly obstructed by the chair). Given the limitation, i decided to try and draw the pose in a couple of different mediums, instead of just using the technical pencil i had been depending on for most of the class. Got some interesting results.

With the first pose, i concentrated just on line with the pen, then on basic shadow with the brush-pen and finally, having a good understanding of the pose, went in and emphasized all the subtle shadows.

With the second pose, i first did a toned pencil drawing (not posted here), but feeling brave, i whipped out the brush-pen and did a much looser drawing, then did the same with a pen. Got some varied results which i all found interesting. Have to say, i really enjoyed the class and it pushed me to think a lot more about what i was drawing, which is really refreshing when you're used to drawing from your head all day, every day.



Kevin Mc Namara said...

i really like these man, think the best one is the one of the girl lying back, with the light line, nice man!

Stephen Mooney said...

Some really nice results here Dec, but I think by far the most interesting pieces are the ones executed in brushpen, just seems to suit you better.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks guys.

Hmm. While i'm certainly very comfortable with the brush-pen, and happy with the results, i really liked that i used a different approach for a change. I would hate to be completely reliant on the brush-pen.